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    [RELEASE] Get PSN Content From Your PS3 Web Browser


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    [RELEASE] Get PSN Content From Your PS3 Web Browser

    Post by iPROFamily on Sat Apr 16, 2011 5:28 pm

    Ok, so I was messing around and came up with this logical fact. If the
    bookmarks.xml for content ID are just bookmarks, you could type the PSNS
    address in and access it directly. I also realize PSN store online
    (website, not PSN APP), uses PSNS links to take you to the store

    So how do we do this? Simple. Just post what ever content ID's for
    games, addons, videos, etc that you know, and I will create a link om
    this thread. I may even add it as a page on my blog if it gets big

    After you just go on PROD-QA, visit this page or my blog, where ever the
    links will be, click what you want, and get taken directly to the PSN


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    **Credits to ClutchLikeKobe,, abufhad, Sunny992 and all other contributors**

    FYI I just wrote a small php script to parse the xml files by sunny and output bb code. Gotta love programming.

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