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    How To Get Pro Perks Without Completing Challenge


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    How To Get Pro Perks Without Completing Challenge

    Post by iPROFamily on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:16 pm

    This is how you get Pro perks without completing those annoying challenges.

    1. Get a friend
    2. Invite him to your party
    3. Back out and create a LAN party
    4. Go to create a class
    5. Go to the perk you want
    6. Press [ ] to enable pro perks
    7. Hover over the perk you want
    8. Tell your friend to invite you
    9. Accept his invite.
    10. As soon as you accept his invite, press X, up, X really fast. That will purchase and equip your perk.
    11. You now have the perk you want pro on your class.

    - You have to have minimum of 3000 cod points.
    - You cannot have the perk purchased before.
    - If you change your class, you will lose the perk.
    - This works on the 1.07 patch

    Thank You, hope this helps. Btw, this is not my glitch. I believe the credit goes to MrAmitoz or however you spell his name.

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