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    How to mod ascension offline with usb!! XBOX360


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    How to mod ascension offline with usb!! XBOX360

    Post by iPROFamily on Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:33 pm

    1. Put a usb in your xbox and put youur profile and title update 5 on the usb.
    2. Take the usb out and go to your computer and open up modio and create a folder on your desktop.
    3. On modio click the M in the upper left hand corner and click explore
    my device. open every file until you get to your profile. example:
    4. Click and drag your profile into the folder you created on your desktop and minimize explore my device on modio.
    5. open the folder thats on the desktop with your profile in it and drag
    it into modio and click file contents and look for 41560855.gpd right
    click and click replace file. it will bring you to your desktop and
    click the paper saying 41560855.gpd.(dont worry ill put the download
    link below and when you download it put it on your desktop)
    6. Now go back and click rehash and resign then exit that.
    7. Open explore my device again and open the folder on your desktop
    click the profile in the folder and drag it to the same profile in
    explore my device and it it should say something like overwrite data?
    click yes and there you go you have a modded zombie profile.
    8. Now on to how to get ascension to work. go back into explore my
    device, if you did put title update 5 on your usb like i said open up
    files till you get to this: tu00000003_00000000.
    9. tu00000003_00000000 is title update 5. and once you get to it go to
    title update 4 thats on your desktop( dont worry about this either ill
    put the link for this below once you download this put it on your
    desktop) and drag it under tu00000003_0000 and two tu00000003_00000000's
    will be in the file. (there both the same looking so dont get cofused
    and delete title update 4.)
    10. Delete the top tu00000003_00000000 and that gets rid of tu5 and leaves tu4 that supports ascension!
    11. Press File and click open/close drive. close that and take your usb
    out of your computer and bring it to your Xbox and put the title update 4
    and your profile in the SAME memory file like hard drive or xbox memory
    drive. Unplug your ethernet cord and sign into the modded profile and
    play black ops and ENJOY!!!!!!!


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    credit to MWxMODzz

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