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    Attention: Before Updating to 3.56!


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    Attention: Before Updating to 3.56!

    Post by iPROFamily on Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:24 pm

    Want to keep all of your patches? Read here for info how to save all your patches before you update to official firmware

    What you're going to want to do is save all of your patches to your USB Drive.


    1. Put patch on your PS3.
    2. Go To System Settings -> Backup Utility
    3. Back up your PS3
    If you have nothing on your PS3, the backup
    should be only about 30mb. so you can put like 100 patches on your USB.
    If it says you need a shitload of more space, just delete all your
    stuff, or just restore your playstation. it only takes a few minutes.
    This backs up everything on your USB, including all your accounts.
    4.Plug your USB into your Computer
    5.Rename the 002348923ADK folder/file to whatever patch it is.
    6. REPEAT

    Now, in order to get those patches..

    1. Go to System Settings -> Backup Utility
    2. Go to "Restore"
    3. Pick the patch you want from the list of your backups.
    4. DONE

    Now, for those of you who didn't know. You can now have any patch on your PS3 without having to have a jailbroken PS3!

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