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    how to create ur own custom guns for cod4


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    how to create ur own custom guns for cod4

    Post by killersheen16 on Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:08 pm

    these think only works on cfw for 3.55

    For this we need:
    - 3.55 JB PS3
    - MultiMan min. v. 1.15.02
    - A PC
    - COD4
    - Min. an 8GB USB flash drive (or FAT32 external hard drive)

    Then we have to do with COD4 MultiMan of a BACKUP of the DISC (ISO) on a USB stick ...
    So now we have the USB drive to a PC and in this we see then the ISO of COD4!
    Now we open the folder USRDIR and as we will see more. ff files, multiple. bik files we open Radvideo Tools. Now scroll down further and there you see a file name:
    It includes all the skins, and sounds stored ....
    Our only problem is, as we now. unpack pak file can. It is definitely a compressed file ...

    My test with this file:
    - I have the COD4 ISO started without packfile1.pak and tada the game still runs but suddenly, 90% of all sounds in the game lobby and not be heard^^

    My first ISO Hack:
    - I myself have created a gif file (which is an animated picture) and then converted Radvideo tools in Mozambique and then renamed in one of the existing bik files and replaced.... Then, the ISO started and tada, he plays at once my self-created. bik respectively. gif file (also animation) from^^


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