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    [FREE] Working Way to Play Escalation DLC [PLAY ONLINE] [SINGLE FILE DOWNLOAD]


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    [FREE] Working Way to Play Escalation DLC [PLAY ONLINE] [SINGLE FILE DOWNLOAD]

    Post by iPROFamily on Tue May 03, 2011 6:52 pm

    First off, here are the download links: (Not split into 10 parts

    Escalation: Escalation Pack Download
    Escalation Profile: Escalation Profile

    To all of those who have downloaded the Escalation Map Pack, you may
    notice that they have patched the Sign In method and require you to buy
    it when selecting CALL OF THE DEAD.

    I believe I am the FIRST PERSON to find a workaround for this (I have been checking forums, threads)

    To get the map to work, for zombies, follow these steps:

    1. Sign In with both accounts at the dashboard.
    2. Load up Black Ops. Sign out as soon as the Intro shows.
    3. Sign In with Prince of Crack at the black ops main menu (with 2nd controller)
    4. Play a SplitScreen with both accounts still signed in.
    5. Play until you get an error "Invalid Gamertag" (I think you have get downed by zombies and it auto-restart)
    6. Press ok, you will see "Please Wait" in bottom corner then it will go back to the main menu.
    Then it will say "Please Wait" again.
    Now press "OK" when "Invalid Gamertag" shows up and get ready to sign
    out of Prince of Crack AS SOON AS it says "Please Wait" again.
    8. If done correctly, you will be able to play Call of the Dead on XBL!

    To activate in Multiplayer:

    1. Go straight to MP menu with only your account signed in.
    2. Sign in with Prince of Crack with 2nd controller (Don't select XBOX LIVE, leave it how it is)
    3. Wait 5 seconds and then sign back out of Prince of Crack.
    4. You may now connect to XBOX LIVE


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