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    Socom Confrontation Platinum Glitch - Now includes 100% saves


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    Socom Confrontation Platinum Glitch - Now includes 100% saves

    Post by iPROFamily on Wed May 11, 2011 10:30 pm

    Socom Confrontation Platinum Glitch

    Game Save Method

    * Backup your Socom game save then delete it

    1. Copy the game save that corresponds with your game's ID to your PS3 on the profile you want to have Platinum on

    2. Finish 1 ranked game, you will get a bunch of messages at the end
    saying "You did not earn a trophy" Wait until all messages stop, then
    quit SOCOM

    3. Delete the SOCOM save file, now start SOCOM without a save.

    4. Finish 1 ranked game, you should now get all trophies including the DLC ones and you'll have your Platinum

    New Account Method

    Needed: A brand new psn account
    Guide posted by : zincpony

    1. Load one of the save games from the first page into the dummy account

    2. Play one ranked game (one full ranked game from start to finish) do
    not join any that are already in progress, your best bet is to do 'quick
    match' since it put you into a ranked game in the lobby as its starting
    after the game you should get the message "you didnt earn a trophy"

    3. Quit the game, delete the save file and then go back into socom

    4. Play another full ranked game from start to finish

    5. At the end of the match u shall receive the socom trophies

    6. Quit socom and copy this game save into the account you really want to get a plat on

    7. Logg into the main account and join a ranked game and play a gameù

    8. After match is over you'll get another message saying "you didnt earn a trophy)

    9. Quit socom again and again delete the save game

    10. Go back into socom and play another full game from start to finish
    and hopefully you should finally get all the trophies one after another

    Save Database

    100% Platinum Saves (Includes DLC)

    Socom Confrontation 100% Saves

    This file includes the following saves

    Please +Rep Mike 51-50 (Founder) and the people that brought you the game saves

    Video Tutorial

    Dummy Account Method
    (How to get your game to create it's own platinum save)
    Needed: A dummy account (works best on a newly created account) and somebody that can make it a platinum account.

    1. Log onto a platinum account and sync the trophies

    2. Start up SOCOM without a game save

    3. Finish 1 ranked game

    4. Now quit SOCOM

    5. Copy that save to your main account

    6. Finish 1 ranked game (you will get the message "you did not earn a trophy")

    7. Quit SOCOM

    8. Delete that game save

    9. Start SOCOM without a game save

    10. Complete 1 ranked game

    11. Use this save as your platinum save on your main account

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    Re: Socom Confrontation Platinum Glitch - Now includes 100% saves

    Post by TRAWW on Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:13 pm

    where do I get the link?

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