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    How to Downgrade/Hack/Exploit ANY PSP » PSP 2000/3000


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    How to Downgrade/Hack/Exploit ANY PSP » PSP 2000/3000

    Post by iPROFamily on Thu May 12, 2011 3:41 pm

    PSP 2000/3000
    This only works on OFW 5.03 so if you have firmware greater than 5.03 then you are out of luck.

    I'm pretty bored and well I've seen people having trouble with this, so I decided "Hey why not just write a guide".

    I prefer to use 5.03 GEN-C over the cfw enabler, because cfw enabler
    flashes your settings and 5.03 Gen-C doesn't and I think that's a pain
    to keep redoing them.

    What you need:

    A Psp 3000 or a slim with the newer motherboard
    A computer
    The 5.03 Update which you can get HERE
    Chickhen R2, Which you can get HERE
    5.03 GEN-C, which is HERE
    I cannot stress this enough, you need PATIENCE!

    First, backup all of your memory stick files onto your computer, then format your memory stick.

    Then open up the 5.03 update and place the eboot in PSP>GAME>UPDATE>Eboot.pbp

    Now exit usb mode and click on the eboot (GAME>UPDATE 5.03), then run it.

    Now you should be on 5.03 Original Firmware.

    Open up the chickhen archive and put the h.bin on the root of your memory stick.

    Now open the SLIM folder and drag the ChickHEN to PSP>PHOTO, IT MUST BE IN PHOTO, NOT PICTURE.

    Now here comes the tough part, now exit usb mode and click on PICTURE,
    and wait for the EGG subfolder picture to load and then click on it.

    Two things can happen, you can Freeze which is totally normal, you've got to just keep trying.

    Or you can get, depending on your background, a green flashing bar-code like image on your psp.

    Let it do it's thing and then your psp should reboot.

    Congratulations, you now have gotten past the hardest part.

    With 5.03 GEN-C you just put the folder into X:/PSP/GAME and run it.

    If you followed the instructions correctly, your now have "Custom
    Firmware" on your psp allowing you to run homebrew and run iso's on your

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    PSP 1000

    The PSP 1000, is a lot simpler than the 2000/3000 to flash.

    There is one of two ways you can do this.

    If you are on a firmware higher than 5.03, then skip down to where I mention the pandora battery.

    What you need:

    PSP 1000
    A computer
    The 5.03 Update which you can get HERE
    Chickhen R2, Which you can get HERE
    Hellcat's Recovery Flasher which you can get here
    I cannot stress this enough, you need PATIENCE!

    Basically the same steps as above, but this time you're going to actually flash it, so it stays on CFW.

    In the Chickhen directory;

    Move the files inside of the PHAT folder to x:/PSP/PHOTO just as you did above.

    Awful video to go along with it.


    I apologize, I was just getting over a cold.

    Pandora Battery

    Fairly simple, although very outdated.

    Just kidding...Or am I?

    You're going to want to pull the last pin(The one closest to you) labeled ICO4.

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