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    Brink Mods/Hacks for CFW


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    Brink Mods/Hacks for CFW

    Post by iPROFamily on Sat May 14, 2011 9:15 am

    Credit to abufhad for some of the cods and the normal data sheet

    This Mod you get

    God Mode for all players (easy to do the campain)

    Super Jump and 3rd Person view

    Max ammo Max Health ect


    I would upload my file but its being gay and wont upload,

    So just open Word Pad

    And copy and paste this into it for the Mods i said above ^
    net_allowCheats "1"
    g_infiniteAmmo "1"
    g_infinitePower "1"
    g_instantRespawn "1"
    g_noGrenadeCooldown "1"
    con_speed "190"
    demo_noclip "90"
    g_aimAssist "90"
    g_aimAssistAdhesionScale "90"
    g_aimAssistAdhesionScaleIronSight "90"
    g_aimAssistDampening "90"
    g_aimAssistDampeningIronSight "90"
    g_debugUnlocks "10"
    g_debugVisibility "1"
    g_debugWeapon "1"
    g_debugDamage "1"
    g_debugDamagePower "1"
    bot_forceRank "10"
    g_debugWeaponAccuracy "90"
    g_debugWeaponAccuracyState "90"
    g_debugWeaponState "1"
    g_enemyColor "4.78 2.02 7.06 4"
    g_fov "85"
    g_gravity "500"
    g_itemLoadOutUnlock1 "1"
    g_itemLoadOutUnlock2 "1"
    g_itemLoadOutUnlock3 "1"
    g_itemLoadOutUnlock4 "1"
    g_itemLoadOutUnlock5 "1"
    g_itemLoadOutUnlock6 "1"
    g_itemLoadOutUnlock7 "1"
    g_itemLoadOutUnlock8 "1"
    g_noBotSpectate "-1"
    g_pauseNoClip "1"
    g_pauseNoClipSpeed "150"
    g_playerIconSize "70"
    si_motd_1 "Aidan Hacks"
    si_website "[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    si_name "Aidan hacks"
    pm_wallJumpHeight "500"
    pm_jumpheight "500"
    pm_thirdPerson "1"
    pm_thirdPersonAngle "1"
    g_playerShieldRadius "999"
    g_playtestBalanceDamageScale "0.1"
    g_playtestBalanceHealthRegenDelayTimeScale "0.1"
    g_playtestBalanceHealthRegenTimeScale "9.9"
    g_playtestBalanceHealthScale "9.9"
    g_playtestBalanceWeaponRecoilRateScale "0.1"
    g_playtestBalanceWeaponSpreadAngleMaxScale "4.0"
    g_playtestBalanceWeaponSpreadAngleMinScale "0.1"

    Once you have put that in word pad save it as *autoexec* ( without the * )

    then go on BlackBox or what ever on PS3 then on your PC go to


    and move the word pad doc into both of them just to make sure its on there,

    BAm and your done,

    Credit to abufhad and me for maybe being the 1st ppl to do this [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    Videos of the mods/hacks

    Sorry bout the quality it was recorded with my phone

    Super Jump
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    3rd Person
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    max ammo ect
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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