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    -RELEASE- Hawkin's COD4 Zombieland v2.0


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    -RELEASE- Hawkin's COD4 Zombieland v2.0

    Post by iPROFamily on Wed May 18, 2011 5:45 pm

    WHAT's NEW!

    1. added something cool called the Fling Trap (Need a Better Name... taking suggestions)
      You can buy them off the Store menu for $300, they are placed on the
      spot where you are standing. If a Zombie comes within 15 feet (150
      pixels) of them they are launched in the air backwards, and killed. The
      trap then takes 20 seconds to rearm itself. A blinking light appears and
      It makes a noise when it is active again. You can only place 1 unless
      you are the last human alive, then you can place 2. Human and Zombies
      both earn cash for their kills/deaths. There can only be a limited
      number of these traps on the map at a time (Usually 6) It someone who
      bought a trap dies the trap goes away, and if you were at the limit you
      can now buy another.
    2. Made Major Map Changes to:

      *There is a Switch in each of these maps, (also in Backlot and Ambush)
      that Locks the Ziplines so the Zombies Can't use them. Both Humans and
      Zombies can turn it on or off. The Ziplines are unlocked to Zombies by
      Default. So you might want to find the Switch, turn it on, and guard it.
    3. Fixed the Suicide Glitch. If you don't know what that was, don't
      worry about it, I tried to keep it as much of a secret as I could of.
      Trust me Fixing it was kind of a big deal.
    4. Gave Starter Zombies Double Health.
    5. Host cannot be a Starter Zombie.
    6. Added Secret Flags to Many Maps.
    7. Many other bug fixes, and things I can't remember right now.

    To Turn on/off Anti-Join (Host) Go Prone and hold Melee(stab)
    Press the Smoke Grenade Button to scrool through the Shop menu
    Hold Frag Grenade Button to Buy you current Shop Menu Item.
    Your Current Score is how much cash you have.
    Ideal number of people to play with is 9. Do not play with more then 12 people or you will lag on most edited maps.
    Hold ADS and Reload at the same time before the zombies are picked to go to Demo Mode. (host)

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    Special Thanks To:
    DJQuicksilver From 7Sins for solid carepackages The best Distionary of COD4 codes
    Diddles the clown & Emanuel for showing me it was possible.
    Backyard Awards, CrazyAsian, Hydro, and MFAssassin for play testing it over and over.
    Mossy and Trotter.

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