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    [Release] 2 Sided Menu v1


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    [Release] 2 Sided Menu v1

    Post by iPROFamily on Thu May 19, 2011 5:23 pm

    Bug Fixes from 0.9

    • Main Menu wont open when 2nd menu is closed
    • when menu open 2nd time the shader will not appear
    • second menu text wont destroy when closes
    With all those fixes out of the way the menu has no
    bugs, as far as when i tested it. So if there are any bugs please report
    them here and i will Fix them asap. One thing you should avoid is
    opening the kick menu on the left side. If you open it on the left it
    will force stop the menus. Also when you copy this into a GSC do not use
    a regular mission.gsc, use craigchrist super sized .ff or killingdyl's
    full cleaned out .ff. 1 last thing is that the code may look weird
    because i coded it in notepad++ and notepad++ messes up the tabs.


    • XG R4PiDzZ - Menu System
    • M0D1F13D - Idea / First to make
    • Label (me) - Coding
    • Havoc Undead - Testing/ reported bugs
    • NSB HD - Shader scrolling effect
    //How to use!
    ::rightopen; //opens a menu on the right
    ::leftopen; //opens a menu on the left
    level.label["name"][0] = "Text here ftw"; // this controls the info that will show up when scrolled on in the middle box. May use up to 6 lines. use \n to start a new line.
    //lol thats it

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