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    Use your iPhone as a keyboard and remote for your ps3 with this app


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    Use your iPhone as a keyboard and remote for your ps3 with this app

    Post by iPROFamily on Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:28 pm

    I didnt make this thread, I'm just copying Irish-Sid's thread from the
    iphone/iPod section, so all credits/thanks/rep should be to him.
    I thinks its gonna be of more interest to people on here than in the other section.

    I was having a browse for an app that let me use my iPhone as a PS3 keyboard... and I found one!

    Webe++ is a bluetooth app that syncs with your Ps3. It lets you use the
    d-pad directional buttons, triangle circle X square, start and select.
    Plus a full qwerty keyboard.
    You can also use the blank part of the screen to swipe left right up and down if you prefer.

    It works flawlessly and I'm very impressed with it.

    It's $5 from BigBoss (through Cydia) - although, I'm sure other repositories have it too

    No more clunky IR keyboard, and no need for me to buy the Keyboard attachment

    If you're looking for something like this then go get it. I give it a full 10/10.

    Here is a screen (not from my phone)

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    It also works with most BT compatible devices, ie. Laptops

    For you androiders I think there is an app called blueputdroid that does the same thing.

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