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    PlayStation Home 1.5 Update + Sodium Personal Space, Aurora War Event & More!


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    PlayStation Home 1.5 Update + Sodium Personal Space, Aurora War Event & More!

    Post by iPROFamily on Sun May 22, 2011 8:49 am

    PlayStation Home
    will be taken offline this evening for our weekly content publish.
    While this downtime will occur approximately 24 hours earlier than what
    you have become accustomed to per our regular schedule, when the doors
    are re-opened on the morning of Wednesday, April 20th, you’ll find that
    PlayStation Home will be updated to version 1.5 and will, in turn, be
    bigger and better than ever before.
    PlayStation Home v1.5 was developed with one singular goal in mind:
    high-quality games. The 1.5 update will introduce a suite of new
    technology for developers with tools that will provide their future
    games with real-time multiplayer, improved physics, as well as more
    realistic graphics and animations. PlayStation Home v1.5 is packed with
    tools and features that will enable developers to expand the types of
    games possible on the platform – from first-person shooters with
    real-time, peer-to-peer multiplayer to racing games and more.
    Also coming with v1.5 are more avatar save slots (24!), new facial
    building features, better furniture management, various graphical tweaks
    to the Navigator, improved object placement options within your
    personal space, increased Chat Log options, and more. For full patch
    notes, please visit the official PlayStation Home forums.
    This week, the highly anticipated Sodium Blaster’s Paradise personal
    space will be released. Head to the Sodium Store in the PlayStation Home
    Mall to pick up this lush, sub-tropical personal space which includes
    the awesome Sodium TankTop 1.0 mini-game – a maddeningly addictive game
    where you can blast away waves of enemies with an array of explosive
    weaponry and fight your way onto the leaderboards.

    The latest additions to Lockwood Publishing’s
    Cucumber’s line will hit the shelves of the Sodium store this week.
    These wide arrays of items are available in a variety of shades which
    will leave you with a huge amount of scope to create an apartment that
    is personal, comfortable and stylishly decorated. Pro-tip: The Cucumber
    Value packs make it even easier to create the look you desire without
    spending precious time searching the Sodium store.

    From now until May 1st in the mega-popular Aurora game space, nDreams
    will pit the North American community against the European community in
    a duel to determine which territory has the most hardcore PlayStation
    Home gamers in the “Battle of the Atlantic” competition. Here’s how it
    will work: Each day nDreams will take an average of the top 50% of
    scores from each territory using both Orbrunner and Aurora Defense
    scores. The running total will increase as the average scores are added
    from the previous days and will be broadcast on the ticker in the Aurora
    space as well as on a special website set up for the event:
    The prize? The top two best players from both North America and Europe
    will both be inducted as the first “Generals of Aurora.”

    This week in the PlayStation Home Community Theater, we introduce PS Talent,
    a long-standing Home-centric machinima, print and video group that
    specializes in showcasing the most talented members of the PlayStation
    Home community. For their first episode, the PS Talent team interview Heavy Water CEO, Tammy McDonald, and talk about the recently-released Pin-Up outfits.
    Next up, PS Nation returns with some of their awesome coverage from GDC – including pieces on Pixel Junk Shooter 2 and Super Chime Deluxe.
    Last but certainly not least, Urgent Fury
    releases their fourth episode. Watch as host Jack Dellhouse reviews the
    recently released Homefront, followed by Wolfie D’s Newb Tube and
    coverage from PAX East.
    See you in Home!

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