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    How to install Wii Homebrew Browser


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    How to install Wii Homebrew Browser

    Post by iPROFamily on Sun May 22, 2011 11:43 am

    ~~Question and Answers~~
    What is the Homebrew Browser?
    - The Homebrew Browser is a "hacked" version of the Wii Store but it
    contains Applications and Games (None are copyrighted as far as i know)

    What are the Best apps for Homebrew Browser?
    - I think the best apps for Homebrew Browser Would be Ocarina/Gecko OS and WiiXplorer.

    What is Ocarina/Gecko OS
    -They both allow you to use "Hex Codes" compiled into ".GCT" to allow cheating

    What is WiiXplorer
    -A Wii FTP Server with a few other options Filezilla works with it. Makes it easy to add apps/codes/wads

    Download the Homebrew Browser v0.3.3

    ~~How to Install~~
    Things you need
    -Homebrew Browser v0.3.3
    -SD Card

    1.) Place your SD Card into your Wii
    2.) Go to the Homebrew Channel ( HBC )
    3.) Install the Packets ( You will see the option )
    4.) After that you will See the Homebrew Browser and Follow the Update Installation YOU NEED WI-FI

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