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    Black Ops : 15th prestige and 1Million CodPoints


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    Black Ops : 15th prestige and 1Million CodPoints

    Post by iPROFamily on Sun May 22, 2011 11:41 pm

    TUT :
    Download these files :

    Patch Blocker: KIXZMXWE
    1.02 fastfiles: 2CDAKOLS
    Hacked Eboot: 1ZMHQ7YE

    first you need to reset your online stats. To do this you need to
    configure the patch blocker first. Open the patch blocker on your
    desktop and keep note of the ip it displays. Then go to your ps3 and go
    to network settings. Continue as normal until you reach the Proxy
    server. Select yes and in the first area enter the ip displayed. Then
    for port enter the port displayed (8080) by default. Then go back to
    your computer and hit start blocking. Then back on your ps3 finish with
    the connection settings.

    After that open ftp server on your ps3 and go to hdd0/game/blus30591/usrdir/english/patch_mp
    replace that with the one i have provided.

    start up black ops and continue online. Go to Playstation network and
    continue. It should tell you your stats have been reset, this is good.
    Now back out to your XMB.

    1.Open ftpserver again and go too hdd0/game/blus30591/usrdir/eboot.bin
    2.Replace that with the one i have provided you and go back into black ops
    4 Go to Black Ops and go to Local/Splitscreen
    5 Start a game and press select(it will do a fast restart and text will pop up on the screen)
    6 After you see the text quit the game
    7. Back out to the xmb and go to network settings. Go to proxy server and press do not use
    8. Delete the game data and reinstall the black ops 1.06 patch

    Go online. It should say your stats have been reset. Presss x and viola you should be 15th on your main black ops account.

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