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    [THEORY] Unban Console Ban Black Ops


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    [THEORY] Unban Console Ban Black Ops

    Post by iPROFamily on Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:14 pm

    The theory is to use F@ck3arc and the elite mossy
    patch blocker at the same time to bypass the F@ck3arc servers! just a

    First you have to follow the step by step of F@ck3arc located at the bottom and then download PS3Hax Network - Playstation 3 Hacks and Mods - Downloads - Elite Mossy's Patch Blocker for PS3
    when you downloaded start it up and change the port to "3074" after
    that go on your ps3 and go to internet connection settings and change
    the proxy to ur ip address and port "3074" also set your dns as your ip
    address and run F@ck 3arc then sign in and try it!



    Yeah finally!! 3arc finally patched the server now we can just play just
    aginst other player on server if you try to play aginst people on the
    main server an error will come out about host something like you haven't
    the last version .

    You did the 15th hack? now suck 3arc D*ck



    I debuged my PS3 and as all we know i found out dev servers.
    I debuged my WII and i foud out auth server and lobby server of wii but
    it's not possible to connect it's like when you have an old patch and
    then you try to connect. after i realized the wii have an old patch.
    i dubuged my PC (SKIDROW Crack) i just found out auth server cause as we all know we cant play on MP with craked version.
    i can't debug my 360 cause is banned from live...

    PS: im pretty sure i can made the f*uck3arc for xbox360 too

    Any way if some one have a Blackops + xbox360 and can play online (must
    have a mind) or if you have 2 PCs and blackops on STEAM contact me i
    need SERVERS!

    I want help banned xbox/pc player too!

    PSS: I need Maps for black ops EU version who wanna share? just a little help to the guy that unbanned you,Thanks


    Alot of you guys are doing 15th prestige hack thinking you will not get banned cuz you are already banned.

    WELL it's not so. Yeah you are ture you will not get banned they will
    just close the server as they did with the first one and no one will
    never back to play on this server.

    I really don't care if the DEV server get closed, Actually i have other servers to use..
    And yeah, if the server get closed I WILL NOT RELEASE ANOTHER ONE.

    keep this on your mind and think 2 times before do the hack.


    Well guys it's still work! i tried it 5 minutes ago.

    Now you guys found out the join friend trick. i will made a FAQ


    Q: Can i play with my friends
    A: YES, just ask them to invite you.

    Q: Does this work on 3.60
    A: YES use the version for OFW and follow the tutorial

    Q: If i back on normal servers will this reset my stats?
    A: No, it's will not reset anything.

    Q: F@ck3arc just open and then close.
    A: Close all chat system that you have like "Skype" and all tools that
    using internet except browsers... then run as administrator.

    Q: Can i use it on MAC system
    A: YES. Google about how to run ruby scripts on MAC then PM me.

    Q: Does this way will get patched?
    A: I really hope not. But i think will be patched in days as the other
    version get patche in 2 hours this one worked for all the night.

    A: Will this sign keep me signed in for unlimited time if I'm banned?
    Q: Yes, no limit.

    A: Can I get banned from doing this, like PSN Ban?
    Q: Do this on your own risk. There's always a possibility.

    A: Work with zombies?
    Q: Yes.

    A: I get "Server error" when i try to connect why?
    Q: Just make a new PSN account and try agin

    A: Can I ask something else?
    Q: Yes, just post and I'll answer


    Ok guys i fixed my tools.

    Now i used new server agin BUT i think they are going to patch it in about hours like they did with the first server.

    WILL NOT WORK WITH PERMBANNED ACCOUNTS (15th prestige hacked/glitched)


    Code: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    UPDATE2: Guys i found out how they blocked we.

    they block the auth server. that suck. I was using COD4 auth server but
    looks like they block it so i tried with MW2 blocked too i need to try
    COD5(WAW) but should be blocked too anyway that not a problem becouse i
    will use AlterIwnet (Private MW2 Server) we can't be banned from that
    becouse it's not a OFFICIAL server.

    I would use Lobby server of AlterOPS but alterops is still in dev and
    that suck. when it's will be complete then we could use alterops servers
    (Can't ban we from private server)

    This way of change the auth server should work on PC too so i will try to hack PC MP too.

    PS: in anyway i will fix F@ck3arc TODAY HOLD ON i ust need to do others try before

    Guys in this tutorial i will show you how to unban you PS3 and back online agin.

    UPDTAE: Looks like they block we in about 2 hours... that funny. i still
    need to figure out how the blocked we. then i will fix it. hold on.


    1- You will BE on a NEW SERVER so you will NOT be able to play with your
    friends or with any other legit people YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY JUST

    2- In this new server you will be at level 1lvl at start doesnt metter
    if before you was on 2nd or 15th or whatever prestige NEW SERVER = NEW

    3- This is the 3arc Developers server some of they are active on this
    server yesterday a guy play at 23:50(11:50 PM) italian time now are the
    21:10(9:10 PM) italian time. so there is the risk to get banned from
    this server too.

    Now we can start the tutorial


    1- Make sure you know how to install and use the F@ckPSN
    You must be able to connect yourself
    Short guide about how to use and install F@ckPSN:
    (google about files)
    1. Install dev_blind.pkg and OpenPS3FTP on your PS3
    2. Launch dev_blind and make it mount the flash
    3. Open OpenPS3FTP
    4. Connect via FTP to PS3 (using username root and password openbox)
    5. Go to /dev_blind/data/cert
    6. Rename CA27.cer to CA27.cer.bak
    7. Put my CA27.cer as /dev_blind/data/cert/CA27.cer
    8. Set the PS3’s PRIMARY and SECONDARY DNS server to your PC’s IP address
    9. Reboot your PS3
    10. Start ****Psn-v0.6.exe
    11. Enjoy PSN
    2- Run F@ck3arc-unban-CFW.exe inside the real F@ckPSN (make sure you followed all steps before this right)

    3- Done now you can play on new servers

    Original FW

    1- Set the PS3’s PRIMARY and SECONDARY DNS server to your PC’s IP address
    2- Start F@ck3arc-unabn-FW.exe
    3- Enjoy the black ops unban on new server

    PS: if you have POOF 3.60 you can do both

    Code: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

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