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    New XP Glitch [4/26/11]


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    New XP Glitch [4/26/11]

    Post by iPROFamily on Thu May 26, 2011 7:53 am


    1. Find a friend whom you can join, that is in a party.

    2. Go to local, then lan. Click create, then change the map and game type to whatever you want.

    3. Highlight start game, and click triangle to join your friend's session.

    4. When the message "Joining Session" appears Click circle one with
    controller 1, wait a second (maybe a little less then that) and tap X
    with both controllers.

    5. When the map starts the game mode should not appear.

    6. You know you did this right if you see your online classes, AND your online rank when you press select.

    7. You can do this glitch as many times as you want, but once you are
    done doing it for the day, you must join an online match and get killed,
    then eject the disk.


    1. You cannot play an
    online match before doing this glitch. If you did play a match before
    planning on doing this, back out to the single player menu, and go back
    to multiplayer.

    2. After you do the glitch, and you wish to continue doing it, you
    cannot buy anything. If you buy any gun, contract, attachment, etc. your
    xp will not stick, for the time being the game believes that money is

    3. Once you are done doing this glitch, you must join an online match, get killed and during the killcam eject your disk.

    4. You cannot do the same map and gametype over and over again or YOU WILL BE FLAGGED. Or your xp might not be given.

    5. There is a chance you can be banned, not for doing this glitch but for boosting overboard.

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