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    How to Steal Xbox Live Accounts


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    How to Steal Xbox Live Accounts

    Post by iPROFamily on Tue Apr 05, 2011 8:22 pm

    1. Call 1800-469-9269. Start by saying you're trying to recover your
    gamertag from xbox live. If they ask why say your profile got corrupted.
    Give them a fake name and the Gamertag you're trying to jack. Once it's
    confirmed that they have the account pulled up say your phone is
    running out of batteries and you need a reference number. MAKE SURE THE
    ACCOUNT IS ATTATCHED TO THE REF #!! Tell them to attach the contact
    details to the account so when you call back they can pull the info up
    right away.

    2. Then call 1866-727-2338 <--(preferred) Give them the reference
    number you got from xbox support. If you call PC Safety, punch 1 (5)
    times till you get an operator. Once you're on the phone with an agent
    give them the REF # you got from xbox and they will most of the time
    give you the info without asking. If they don't give you the info say
    "Can you please verify me my info?" If they don't, hang up and try
    again. UPDATE: These numbers a little bit harder to get info from. They
    still have the info, you just need the right person to talk to.

    3. Go to
    and fill out the questions with the info you got from either of those
    numbers. Fill out the questions accurately as possible. Answer the
    question where it asks for your IP (ex: and ISP (ex: Comcast).
    There will be questions like "Names of contacts in your Hotmail address
    book" there, put YOUR email. And other questions like "Subjects of any
    old mail that is in your Hotmail Inbox or mail folders" there, put Hey
    man! And 2 more questions that ask "Names of contacts on your Messenger
    contact list" there again, put YOUR email. And a last question that asks
    "Your Messenger nickname (display name)" and there, put the name of
    theperson that you are trying to jack (no homo)

    4. Leave all the questions you cannot answer blank. At the bottom there
    will be a question that asks "Name as it appears on the credit card used
    for services" Put the name of the person you are hacking, even though
    they may not have a credit card on their account. AFTER THAT PUT THIS

    Sorry I couldn't provide the last 4 digits of the credit card number. I
    used a $55 prepaid visa gift card to buy a 1 year for my account. After I
    purchased the 1 year I threw away my card because there was no money
    left on it. I really need my email back because I own a drivers ed
    business and this is the email where I receive my payments and respond
    to my customers. Please help me reset my password. Thanks, - (Name of
    person your jacking)

    5. Once all these steps are done, click submit. Then go to your email
    and compose a email to the person you are hacking. Put the subject as
    "Hey man!" without the quotations. And put whatever message you want.
    (Make sure it makes sense)

    6. Just wait 3-5 days and check the email that you used for them to
    contact you. You should have a email with the subject (Reset Your
    Windows Live ID Password). There ya go! You just jacked an XbL account
    and you now run shit. This has been brought to randoms by yo Predator.

    7. Go to Download the Zune Software | Homepage |
    and download zune. Once you download, sign in then click "settings" at
    the top. Once you do so, click "My Account" under Personal Info. After
    that sign in again. Then click "Account". And look for "Change Zune Tag"
    From there change the tag online and take it on Xbox LIVE. This way you
    don't have to recover the gamertag and get console banned.


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