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    [Release] Chrome's CFG Patch 1.12


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    [Release] Chrome's CFG Patch 1.12

    Post by iPROFamily on Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:40 pm

    Decided to make a 1.12 patch

    So here ya go...

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Rename Chrome.ff to patch_mp.ff

    Full List of Features
    On Spawn
    Force UAV
    Amazing Aim Assist
    Big XP (Enable Ranked Match to count towards your Rank)

    Game Settings
    Super Jump Toggle
    Super Speed Toggle
    Gravity Toggle
    Toggle No Physical Friction
    God Mode Everyone
    God Mode Everyone Off
    Toggle Time Scale
    Longer Time Limit
    Anti-Join On
    Anti-Join Off
    Enable Ranked Match
    Restart Game
    Force End Game

    Fun Mods
    Unbound Clan Tag (Might Not Work)
    Toggle Laser Sight
    Small Green Box ON
    Small Green Box OFF
    Toggle Wallhack
    Toggle FPS Display
    Toggle Pro Mod Vision
    Toggle Thermal Vision
    Toggle Rainbow Vision
    Toggle Super Steady Aim
    Toggle Super Reload
    Toggle Rapid Fire (Requires Super Reload)
    Toggle Super Javelin
    Toggle Knockback
    Toggle Super Ladder Jump

    Message Menu
    Can Somebody Point Me To The Closest Restroom?
    Move Up!
    Fall Back!
    Requesting Backup!
    The Bomb is at A
    The Bomb is at B
    No Scope!
    Snipers ONLY!
    You've Got Mail
    Bye! I'm Leaving!
    Cover My Ass!
    If You are Currently Below the Age of 12, Please Leave this Match Now. Thank You.

    Hidden Gametypes
    Global Thermo Nuclear War
    One Flag

    Change Map
    --Includes All Maps---

    Kick Menu
    Kick Clients 1-8
    Kick All

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