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    Rebug First Strike Map Pack For Free !


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    Rebug First Strike Map Pack For Free !

    Post by iPROFamily on Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:02 pm

    Heres how to get the fully activated map packs for Bles versions. And Bles-1031(Uk Version).

    Heres the 1.07 Bles-01031 patch if you need it.

    Rebug 3.55.1 Cfw.
    Uk Sp-int Account Needs to be quick sign up so it has funds.
    A way to copy the pkg file to PS3 and install.

    First step
    Download the first strike map pack for your region.
    Heres the Bles-1031 Link
    And install it.

    Step two
    Now download this bookmark file. ?ln8fuoxfuxbv5rd

    Step three
    Now open ftp i.e filezilla and blackbox ftp on your ps3.
    Now you need to navigate to dev_hdd0/home/*******
    ******* = Your account number.
    Once inside locate webbrowser
    now place the bookmark.xml inside.

    Step four
    Now exit the ftp on your ps3 and navigate to internet browser.

    Now click select and there should be a bookmark saying blackops map pack
    and it will say packard12 by the side of it click it and it will take
    you to the psn store.

    Step five
    Click the download of your map pack i.e Bles-1031 and it should say activating and then it should try and download and fail.

    Step Six Enjoy !

    Now your all done and your maps are activated.

    Credits to.

    abufhad-Posting links to dlc etc.
    Sunny992- Method and bookmark.xml

    And me for changing a few values in the bookmark.xml in order to redirect to the uk maps on a uk/eu account.

    Also add my sp-int psn so we can play first strike together.


    Updated video tutorial

    Thanks to hackerandrew123

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